Transits & Predictive Astrology Course

Transits & Predictive Astrology are essential to potent counseling and impactful healings. Oak Astrology School’s Transits & Predictive Astrology Course is a full treatment of transits and sets you up for astrological success. This is an intermediate level course, ability to read a natal chart in totality is required to take this course.

By learning transits & predictive astrology you will be able to:

Greatly refine your ability to predict and understand the timing of major life cycles

Learn powerful tools for contextualizing and understanding the timing of healing, life cycles and initiations, trauma, the unfolding of life experiences and the ways to meet your clients exactly where they are

Predict & forecast your upcoming week, month year and more. Be able to forecast for anyone to support all aspects of life from making major decisions, moving, for success, for the development of wise choices

Become a sacred timekeeper and learn the elegant mechanics of time that can be applied to all parts of your life

Elevate your understanding of personal cycles and the interrelated connection to larger sweeping historic cycles

Learn how to use astrological timing for your favor within business endeavors, social media and major life decisions

Optional Mentoring Cohort

A unique feature to Oak Astrology School is the community cohorts. These groups focus on professional development and go over the course materials in a 5 month period to solidify the learning and offer an environment for practice. A lot of the magic of breakthrough and powerful realization happens when sharing the learning process in community.

Next cohort is January 5, 2022 – Fill out application for cohort

Scholarship is offered for BIPOC folks for the mentoring cohort, mention in your application your financial situation to apply.

What students are saying:

I really did love the transit & predictive course. It is an absolute necessity to do the course if you are serious about learning astrology. It added so much to my own skills! Oak is the kindest, gentlest and patient teacher!

― Liesbeth, Brussels, Belgium

So much love respect and gratitude for my teacher Oak. I’ve grown so much more than I could ever imagine thanks to Oak Astrology School.

― Katie, Washington, d. c.