Transits & Predictive Astrology Course

Course Details

Over 20 hours of recorded content, accessible anytime from your home

(Includes Transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arcs, Solar Returns, Profections & Integration)

Refine and enhance counseling with effective use of transits –

This course is designed for professional astrological development

Learn several techniques for accurate predictions and time keeping. 

Intermediate course – Must know how to read and understand the fundamentals of a birth chart

Begin today with the self-study option

Mentorship Begins Feb 2022

A unique feature to Oak Astrology School is the community cohorts. These intimate groups focus on professional development and go over the course materials in a 5 month period to solidify the learning and offer an environment for practice. Limited to 7 students.

What students are saying:

I really did love the transit & predictive course. It is an absolute necessity to do the course if you are serious about learning astrology. It added so much to my own skills! Oak is the kindest, gentlest and patient teacher!

― Liesbeth, Brussels, Belgium

So much love respect and gratitude for my teacher Oak. I’ve grown so much more than I could ever imagine thanks to Oak Astrology School.

― Katie, Washington, D.C

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