Revolutionary 2021

If you think that 2020 is a mindfuck that will fade away by 2021, I hate to burst your bubble, but we are just getting started. As this global pandemic has urged all of humanity to take several seats back, it is interesting how so many of us are just waiting for things to go […]

Next Cohort Begins This Week

I’m elated! So many students have taken advantage of the payment plan. It’s such a dream to create this community space. Looking forward to connecting with this next group. Enrollment closes on Sept 7 “It’s been great to trust Oak and be in safe and sacred space with other BIPOC folks during class. I recommend […]

FAQs 2

Been loving the questions I’ve been receiving about signing up for these courses. Here’s a bit of info about the class structures and some of my reasons behind it. Benefits of the recorded material is that it is a proper skeleton for learning astrology. This can be studied at your own pace and you have […]

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