Private Mentorship

Learn to:

-Develop high quality chart analysis and grow your skills as an astrologer

-Quickly identify the most important parts of a chart

-Effectively assess and analyze a chart in 8 steps

-Dive deeper into the zodiac, mechanics of the chart, basic astronomy, how the planets interact with one another

-Develop stronger language around astrology, preparing you for readings/consults

You’ll receive:

-6 private one hour classes, recorded, with worksheets and class notes

-lists of resources and books necessary to build a solid basis as an astrologer

-personalized courses based on your needs

Piecing a birth chart together can be very confusing. To truly understand how to make all the information cohesive is an art and requires solid technical skills.

This is designed for the astro savvy who are interested in refining and properly organizing their understanding of the birth chart. In 6 private classes, learn to successfully read a chart with the tools for a solid foundation in astrology.

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