Full Natal Astrology Course

Course Details

Total of 82 hours of recorded materials for a solid treatment of natal astrology.

This course is open to all and offers practitioner level development

All materials focus on chart analysis for healing and counseling.

36 extended classes that go over materials in depth.

Classes are fun, engaging, thoughtfully curated and cover all aspects of approaching astrological counseling.

Several ‘elective’ style classes that give tools and frameworks to support foundational techniques.  

Option to join intimate professional development cohort with Oak. 12 month mentorship program, meeting twice a month in virtual classroom. Full integration of course materials and certification.

Access to private community of students 

Begin today with the Self-Study option

Join the 12 Month Mentorship Cohort

A unique feature to Oak Astrology School is the community cohorts. These groups focus on professional development and go over the course materials in a 12 month period to solidify the learning and offer an environment for practice. A lot of the magic of breakthrough and powerful realization happens when sharing the learning process in community.

The 12 month program begins on Jan 5 2022

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What students are saying:

Learning from Oak has been a personally healing experience for me – their method of practicing and teaching astrology has served as a way for me to expand my awareness and connect to points of personal growth, as well as a means to align with spiritual community. Oak is highly intuitive, sensitive, and their perception is unparalleled. They are a supportive, warm teacher and mentor and the learning environment they have created is a safe space to learn, make mistakes, and grow as a beginner astrologer. At the same time, they emphasize the importance of structure and teach astrology as an esoteric healing art. This course is both immersive and community centric, with a heavy emphasis on ethics and spiritual awareness. If you are an aspiring astrologer who is looking to align with a healing path, this is most definitely the course for you.

―Missy, New York

As a student of Oak Astrology School, it’s expanded my understanding of astrology in ways I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without it. I became a student to create a foundational relationship to astrology, but it in turn has strengthened my relationship to understanding my own life path and it has been extremely healing. 

I also really love my cohort, who have become really dear friends and I feel so safe and supported in our course environment. If you’re looking for serious studies in astrology I really recommend.

— Angelina, Torrannce, CA

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