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Oak Astrology School FAQs

Sharing some frequently asked questions about the structure and ethos around Oak Astrology School and it’s curriculum ⚡️


What magic happens when you study astrology?

Check out this video where Oak shares their experiences from watching our students learn astro <3

Something happens when you study astrology that goes beyond learning the planets and signs. After studying for years, I find that my practice continues to grow deeper and deeper everyday. Since I’ve launched my astrology school for professional development in 2020, I have had to actively remind myself how powerful this path of study is. So much healing occurs when we deepen our understanding of self. By learning each of the virtues of the planets we are exploring life archetypes and by applying that wisdom to our natal chart we heal by understanding the depth of our own life experience. That level of understanding then gets applied to our family and friends and suddenly we are a being that has built the wisdom of compassion for the world within and outside of the self. Astrology is a liberatory practice because we are able to offer understanding to all of the cycles within the entire spectrum of life. This knowledge allows for the healing of the mind, and the alignment to the body and spirit.


Student Results

Since the official launch of Oak Astrology School in early 2020, witnessing the progress of students that have completed the Natal Astrology Course has been so fulfilling. The students that continued on with the Intermediate Transits and Predictive Astrology Course are doing skillful analysis and chart synthesis. This is extremely gratifying!

All course materials are thoughtfully curated based on the education that I wish that had when I was studying and so the learning curve for students at Oak Astrology School is exponentially faster than my first few years of getting into astrology.

“It’s been great to trust Oak and be in safe and sacred space with other BIPOC folks during class.
Their content is digestible, easy to follow along, and visually appealing. Oak and my classmates are very much supportive and I feel very lucky to have this community in this virtual space.
Our live classes are dynamic and a range of topics are discussed given all of our individual and collective healing (amidst social uprisings, pandemic). But the space is validating, affirming, and soo refreshing. It’s great to hear forecasts for the week, too.“

“As a student of Oak Astrology School, it’s expanded my understanding of astrology in ways I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without it. I became a student to create a foundational relationship to astrology, but it in turn has strengthened my relationship to understanding my own life path and it has been extremely healing.
I also really love my cohort, who have become really dear friends and I feel so safe and supported in our course environment. If you’re looking for serious studies in astrology I really recommend.“

“So much love respect and gratitude for my teacher Oak. I’ve grown so much more than I could ever imagine thanks to Oak Astrology School. ”


Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

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It may sound really cool that the Sun makes its yearly alignment with Neptune which happens on March 10, 2021. I usually look forward to it when it happens every year, but always end up trying to nurse myself out of confusion, anxiety, illogical worry and a melancholic yearning for something more than my reality is presenting. When the archetype of day and the archetype of spirit align, our highest hope is a transcendent experience or realization. I hope you can channel this energy into something that feeds your spirit. Dance, play, sing, pray with no agenda.

“Living at the edge of the sea breeds an intuitive sense that somewhere deep within us are the remnants of fish consciousness, a piscine, subaqueous feeling for the abyss. Well aware of being separate from continents, we glorify this condition, looking upon the vast intervals of water as moats protecting delicate kingdoms. Reminded incessantly by the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean and by a sky of ferocious typhoons and unforgiving light, that there are more worlds than one, that land slopes under into a realm of reef, algae and leviathan as well as above. We acknowledge a tightly circumscribed existence on a terra that is not so firma, an acknowledgment that celebrates mortality. In death every human becomes an island floating in a primordial lake.” -Luis Francia

A tender new moon in Pisces ♓️ occurs in the late hours of friday night March 12, 2021 / early hours saturday morning March 13, 2021.

This new moon is quite gentle as it intimately sharing the same part of the sky with Neptune and Venus. A perfect moon for a spiritual bath, an evening of writing and inward contemplation. Although I will say that this Pisces season is the midpoint from the eclipses from Nov/Dec of 2020. There are themes that developed at that time that are needing a space for integration/action – Though this week is for the dreaming. Let your new moon intentions really reflect major visions that you have been aspiring from late Nov/Dec. Now is not the time for a heroic dive into the fire, save that for the Suns ingress into Aries the following week on Mar 20.


Aries – If you are to tune into the very core of your being, to go beyond your personal needs and to melt into the universal heart, what compels you? May this new moon remind you of what you are really here to share, your pain simply a reminder of your mastery.  

Taurus– You’ve been so busy and grinding on all your new projects, now it’s time to call in the people who really align with your new endeavors. Call in – Be clear, be brave, be open to new ways of relating to your audience. Let the quality of the people you surround yourself with reflect your full value.   

Gemini– What a beautiful time for you to show up in your fullness. There has been a lot behind the scenes in terms of developing, developing, and more developing. There’s a lot of momentum that you have built around your craft, now it’s time to step out and share yourself publicly. Set a prayer for your highest expression of self.

Cancer– Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been quite sensitive sifting through different connections and weighing out your worth. Let this new moon inspire you to develop a new way of expressing yourself that integrates all of these experiences. You may feel the need to take a course of study in order to fulfill the urge to grow. Your dreams this month are poppin, try to distill meaning from them. 

Leo– Time for a vibe check. It’s been a social year for you and it may be time to look at your relational resources. How much do you have in your cup, do you have enough for yourself? With such a a visionary energy around you and even the support to back it up, you are the mastermind. May this moon allow you to harness your resources and expertise to fulfill that dream. Call in the wisdom of discernment, clarity & right relationship with collaboration. 

Virgo– What is your highest vision of love? Relationship energy is all around you right now. Let this new moon allow you to soften into a deeper understanding of connection. Take a break from your own personal grind to spend time with loved ones. As you are building your legacy, who comes with you?

Libra– You may be getting ready to reorganize your priorities. The past two months have been a lot of creative ruminating and now it time to get the wheels in motion. Let your high levels of inspiration guide you to create a schedule that allows lots of space for all your wonderful new ideas. 

Scorpio– Finally, a moment of creation that has stirred from a long period of internal rumination. Allow this new moon to be life affirming, to be passionate, to be exciting. A creative seed you are carrying in your hand ready to plant, standing between eclipses. May this be the key to your empowerment.  

Sagittarius– As you are constantly being pulled to look at your relations, there’s nothing like a good jolt that forces you to question all that you are – Your history, your family ties and your fundamental beliefs. May this new moon be a refreshing cup of your true essence, the sweet waters of your personal mythos a soothing hand on your shoulder. 

Capricorn– It can feel like a blur right now balancing the collective energies and your own personal endeavors. As practical as you are, you can’t deny that you are halfsies in this world and also part of something so much bigger. It may be a good idea think of daily ways of allowing space to hold the mundane and the part of you that yearns for spiritual union. May this new moon offer you graceful navigation of your liminality.   

Aquarius– Hope that you are relishing in your expertise and your uncanny ability to navigate the uncertainties of this year. May this new moon allow you to truly quantify what abundance means for you. As you are tweaking your aquarian brand and realizing yourself more and more as a leader at this time, what internal agreement do you need to make with yourself in order to be fully acknowledged and seen.  

Pisces– Take a break from your bat cave to bask in this new moon. Adorn yourself, upgrade your image, feel pretty. It’s been a lot for you being such a clear channel for the collective this year. May this new moon recharge you, may it create new narratives in how you wish to stride forward holding all of your complexity- in grace, in strength, in the full ownership of your mystery. 


Free Webinar: Maturing into This Decade, the Next 7 Years

What does it mean to come of age at a time like this? Looking to the astrology of the upcoming 7 years will determine how folks in their 20’s will blossom into the agents of change in our world. This is a special webinar for pre-Saturn Return folks, but also gives a great context for understanding this decade overall.

Click to watch the replay of this webinar from 12/26/20


Oak Astrology School FAQs

It‘s been 1 year since Oak Astrology School formed and it has gone through so many great phases in just this short amount of time!

Honored to share a structure to my school that feels aligned to my being and recognizing the powerful impact that this work has had on my students this past year.

Check out this FAQ and feel free to send over other questions


How Will the Great Conjunction affect your sign for the next 20 years?

The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that occurs every 20 years is a marker for political and economic development. The ancients looked to the Jupiter Saturn conjunction as the omen of new leadership. It has also been speculated that it is the infamous ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 this alignment occurs at 00° Aquarius and their proximity to each other by zodiacal longitude AND latitude (declination) are closer than they have been in nearly 400 years.

To add to the potency of this connection, the past 200 years Jupiter and Saturn have been consecutively meeting in earth signs. This upcoming Great Conjunction heralds a new series where they align in air signs. If the past 200 years was the Industrial Revolution and the destruction of the Earth and her resources, this new age will innovate our ways of relating. We are now at a true threshold to a new era. Air connects us through concept, mental frameworks and technology. If tech wasn’t weird already, it’s about to get WEIRDER. It’s already so easy to go cross-eyed while falling into an existential spiral in 2020.

The role of Aquarius as the questioner of the sky is to stir up all facets of what is culturally relevant- The time is ripe to reframe culture itself and we will see this reflected in all industries. The ways we socially agree upon value, education, equity and exchange are set to change – and WE, the people (aquarius), have a social duty in all of this.

Jupiter is the force of expanse and Saturn is the force of contraction. As universal principles, growth and materialization shape our external reality aka society – Together, Jupiter and Saturn are the cosmic accordion of our world – Their movements indicate economic trends, the justice system (our laws and their enforcement) and especially the social values that are to be highlighted.

As Jupiter and Saturn are opposing, yet necessary functions of our societal values, their conjunction indicates both beginnings and endings. In our personal lives, it will not be surprising to see endings of long held attitudes to make room for implementing more inspiring/innovative ideals. This seems to be a more positive shift from the dreary and solemn collective experience of 2020. It feels more like ‘hope, with an edge’. Or a feeling of aspiration that has a tangible gravity. Even if we may not understand what this exactly means for us just quite yet – A gestation is occurring as we ponder in isolation.

The most tangible way of utilizing astrology is study of cycles. To understand the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, going back to the last cycle can give us some background to what we can expect.


A seed for economic growth occurred in the the comfy sign of material security and what has been very notable within these last 20 years? The internet has created a highly individualized consumer culture where a window into ‘the good life’ is not only easily accessible, living an very aesthetic and customized lifestyle is ‘available’ to the masses because of social media. Think about the rise of Whole Foods and how commercial grocery brands have shifted toward ‘artisan’ style foods. The selection of ‘boutique’ grocery items has become a norm. Off the top of my mind things like the rise of Paypal (1998), Etsy (2005), Wholefoods (bought by Amazon in 2017) have created a fast-paced instant-gratification culture of specialty shopping that we do benefit from. In 20 years, our relationship to materialism has truly changed.


The next 20 years will see economic trends emphasized in technology. Advances in all forms and methods of sharing information. Laws and restrictions around technology. New forms and concepts of economy. More value and consideration placed on socialist ideals. Revolts that lead to more equity and focus on the people.


If you’re old enough to remember, thinking about the events in your life at Jupiter Saturn conjunction that occurred 20 years ago can give context to what you will be birthing in these upcoming 20 years as well.

Aries Rising

A pulse of inspiration is calling you to connect with more like-minded people. A seed is being planted within this next year for a vibrant social life. Try to recall the last conjunction that occurred in May 2000. Was there any indications at this time that affected how you establish your worth in relation to other people? How does your relationship to wealth now influence the types of connections you are fostering?

Taurus Rising

The last conjunction in May 2000 was a major time for you as it occurred in your sign – A major insight about yourself was born then. How does that relate to this time of your life? How are you now getting ready to publicly declare yourself in a bold and innovative way? This great conjunction in Dec 2020 occurs enlivens your career, don’t be afraid to blossom.

Gemini Rising

The previous conjunction 20 years ago in May of 2000 took you into a deep internal process, you may have had a spiritual experience or felt deep loss at that time. How has that experience been influential in what you are currently studying and cultivating? The wisdom at your fingers may have it’s seedling deep within your soul.

Cancer Rising

The last Jupiter Saturn conjunction of May 2000 planted a seed of awareness around your social circles. How have your ways of relating and caring for your peoples developed in these past 20 years? This new 20 year cycle is opening you to innovations that allow you to invest in your relationships – and vice versa. How do you truly want your relationships to empower, to feed, and nourish you?

Leo Rising

Some powerful shifts were occurring internally for you in May 2000. They were changes and realizations to do with your family or origin story. As the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs on December 21 2020, how are you feeling called to innovate your relationships? You are feeling a vibrancy in the relationship department at this time. Try to weave together your understanding of the previous cycle as a way to inform this new threshold that you are stepping through.

Virgo Rising

A major change occurred in your world view in May 2000. Think back as important attitudes around politics, philosophy and spirituality were likely formed at that time. As this Great Conjunction occurs on December 21 2020, you are now trying to implement those viewpoints into a new way of working. Trying to weave your authentic and expansive viewpoints into your day-to-day life is a huge chapter that is being born this year.

Libra Rising

Think back to May 2000 as the last Jupiter Saturn conjunction brought awareness to your attitudes around sharing, intimacy and power-exchange in relationships. As this 20 year cycle comes to a close, how is that now informing your ability to give and receive love? The Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020 brings inspiration to your passions. It’s an invitation to continue pursuing what brings you personal excitement and is ultimately life-affirming for you.

Scorpio Rising

This great conjunction on December 21, 2020 hits a tender place for you as it brings awareness to your roots, familial dynamics, and ancestry. A new cycle is being born at your core and it’s a beautiful time to deepen the connection to your origin story. In May of 2000, the previous Jupiter Saturn conjunction brought a major event that influenced your relationship dynamics. How are these chapters connected? Do they have much to do with your parents and grandparents?

Sagittarius Rising

As this next Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurs on December 21 2020, in what ways are you getting ready to speak your truth? New ideas are brewing and it has been a long 2020 for you. The previous conjunction in May 2020 began an inquiry around purposeful work. How are you now innovating those ideals around your service to this world?

Capricorn Rising

What new and exciting ways are you thinking about your money and lifestyle at this time? These next 20 years promise a new chapter being born within your attitudes toward wealth and the lifestyle you are aspiring toward. Think back to May of 2000 as there may have been a passion that is the inspiration for this period of time! Define the ‘prize’ that you have kept your eye on in these past two decades and see how it is aligned to your current value system.

Aquarius Rising

What a special time for you as the cosmic accordion is both asking for commitment as well as steady faith in the new expression of yourself that is unfolding. Think back to May of 2000 at the time of the previous Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Was there a major event in your family that has been an influence in how you have grown and developed into who you are at this point in time? Exploring your ancestry can be fuel for this potent chapter in your life.

Pisces Rising

An imaginative time for you as the upcoming Jupiter Saturn conjunction stimulates your subconscious. You may be feeling the weight of the world on your heart at this time, it may be important to take special care of yourself – This can be inspiring as this seed being birthed grants you the visionary eyes for our world. Think back to May 2000, as the previous cycle activated the knowledge that you are using in this visionary work.


Certification For Oak Astrology School

What is certification even worth?

There are a lot of qualities regarding the idea of certification that can seem corny and gimmicky. Although, with so much questionable astrology out there, these types of achievements can help establish credibility. We can’t deny that astrology is exponentially growing in popularity. Oak Astrology School is interested in upholding the tradition of astrology and our certification program reflects that.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Oak Astrology School standard of education is equivalent to the NCGR – Professional Astrologer Alliance Level 1 when you enroll in the Calculating a Chart Course.
  • Certification through Oak Astrology School is guaranteed preparation for certification through the NCGR – PAA.
  • Our certification ensures that you are able to grow and develop after you complete the Full Astrology Course
  • Give your practice an edge and a sense of mastery


Revolutionary 2021

If you think that 2020 is a mindfuck that will fade away by 2021, I hate to burst your bubble, but we are just getting started.

As this global pandemic has urged all of humanity to take several seats back, it is interesting how so many of us are just waiting for things to go back to normal.

This is where astrology is very helpful, both in timing and understanding the visceral experience of these planetary archetypes. Starting off 2020 with the much anticipated/worrisome Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn plus south node eclipses is a very strong indicator of permanent change. As a conjunction is symbolic of a new cycle there are many new cycles in 2020 that have brought dramatic results and we are yet to experience one more in December.

Saturn / Pluto in Capricorn – January 2020 – this 40 year cycle of Pluto and Saturn has brought stark clarity to the darkness in our politics. We are witnessing political conservatism internationally – ICE, China, Armenia/Turkey, Philippines, Black Lives Matter, just to name a few of the most obvious – and generally we are seeing the shadow of law enforcement and government structure.

Jupiter / Pluto in Capricorn – April, August, November 2020 – The super wealthy increase their fortunes by more than a quarter during the pandemic while unemployment rates soar.

These two cycles that have been present all year seem to support each other, in the sense that Jupiter’s presence adds the element of more more more. It’s safe to say that we are exhausted by the extreme polarity of structural power and the unfair distribution of wealth and justice.

A turning point?

Jupiter / Saturn in Aquarius – December 20, 2020 – The Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs every 20 years. It is an indicator of new forms of economy and politics. Jupiter and Saturn are planets that directly relate to the economy and government. This year the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs during an election year.

The most interesting details about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is that most US presidents have either been assassinated or survived an assassination attempt if this conjunction occurs during their time in office. In the past 200 years, only presidents 3 have not had this fate – Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and George W Bush. Historic assassinations that occurred under this cycle would be Abraham Lincoln, JFK, the Reagan assassination attempt and Warren Harding.

But why?

Jupiter representing the universal force of expansion is also the virtues that we uphold in society. Kings, leaders and those with political influence are often represented by Jupiter. Saturn as limit, boundary and in some cases death, we see the literal ‘death of the king’. On a more practical level, Jupiter’s natural association with philosophy, growth and idealism is given a tangible structure when it comes together with Saturn. This is where we will see innovations in government and restructuring for the people, as Jupiter and Saturn come together in the sign of Aquarius. Hopefully this shift into Aquarius will be the necessary boost that the collective needs as it is very easy to feel hopeless in the midst of the all the shenanigans in politics, police enforcement and social dynamics.

Something to keep in mind is that each of these conjunctions, between Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn are all new beginnings. We will see how the events of this monumental year 2020 will begin to unfold and bear their fruit as the years go by.

The most prominent signature of 2021 is the squares between Saturn and Uranus (2/18/21, 6/14/21, 12/24/21). They remain in close proximity through 2021 and come very close to square once again in October of 2022. The effect of this square will be the background of the next two+ years.

Saturn and Uranus are next door neighbors in the sky, and they represent opposite polarities. Saturn is anything that involves limitation – enforcement, tradition, law, consequence and time. Uranus is symbolic of genius, innovation, breaking tradition and social progress. As Saturn and Uranus square off, it is obvious that the social unrest that has already been developing in 2020 will hit a peak. Historically, squares between Uranus and Saturn involve drastic economic downturns and recessions. Based on the unemployment rates and financial crisis that most Americans are already facing, the ‘prediction’ that a possible economic crash will happen next year is not too far-fetched although the symbolism does confirm it.

Saturn as the old turds currently in office that are greedy, racist and disinterested in the common good will be met with opposition from the people. It may be hard to say whether this uprising will be from mandated vaccinations or just being pissed off from the immoralities of the justice system – We do have plenty to be upset with.

No need to be discouraged, we got this. As December 2020 rolls in and Jupiter and Saturn change signs to Aquarius, it changes the landscape both in energy and social dynamics. It will be lighter, more social, progressive. Not to mention it will bring in more hope and possibility, as air is a much more buoyant energy than the heavy emphasis of Earth planets from this past year.

Connection & community are of the most important assets that one can have – As a general life rule and, in particular, this period of time. As we move through this last part of 2020 and reminiscing of times pre-social-distancing, beginning to process what type of impact you want to create in your community and society will prepare you for the very interesting & shaky energy of 2021.