Oak Astrology School

Life Changing & Soul-Centered Counseling

The programs at Oak Astrology School are thoughtfully designed for all stages of study, from the eager new student or those just about ready to take that next step into becoming a professional astrologer. Through learning with Oak Astrology School, your connection to your healing & your life path will deepen. Astrology is unparalleled in its fluidity of application, whether as a supplement to your healing practice, or as a primary form of counseling. Your mastery in understanding the flow of life, both personal and collective, will empower you as a sovereign being and as a healer.


“I am the knot where two worlds meet. I am water and dust walking. “
Normandi Ellis, The Book of Coming Forth By Day

The Focus of Our Courses:


Philosophy, History, Symbolism, Astronomy, Birth Chart Mechanics


Learn to approach any birth chart with ease and confidence

Effective Chart Analysis

Gain the skills to learn professional analysis

Counseling & Ethics

Learn astrology that is focused toward healing and consultation

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Which Course is Right for Me?

Learn about which course is for you at Oak Astrology School. There are different ways to take the courses as self study or with a community of students. Full Natal Astrology Course Transits & Predictive Astrology Course Community Chart Analysis Cohort

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