Courses & Enrollment

Join our unique program

The teaching format for our courses includes both recorded content and community cohorts for mentorship and to reinforce learning.

All materials are geared toward consulting and professional development.

Receive the foundations to learn proper astrology. The Full Natal Astrology Course focuses on quality birth chart analysis and critical thinking which is not often taught in books and introduction classes. Learn to read any birth chart in its entirety for powerful, healing and accurate readings.

Admission Requirements

No prerequisites are needed to begin your studies, just authentic curiosity and the desire to understand life’s questions and the human condition.  Ideal students are dedicated to their own personal healing and are coming into this practice with sincerity and a genuine desire to help others.


Oak Astrology School proudly offers very accessible rates for each of our programs. Astrological study is expensive and we have condensed what you need for growth and success with proper foundations and mentoring interwoven through the content.

Enrollment Period

Once enrolled, your studies can begin immediately as the course material is in recorded lecture format. If you choose to refine your learning with the professional development cohorts – The Natal Astrology Course begins on April 14, 2021 and the Transits and Predictive Astrology Course begins on Apr 15, 2021. For more information check out this video FAQ.

Flexible Course Options

Option of self-study or joining a mentoring cohort.

The course materials are loaded with examples and solid teachings on technique and analysis. You can enroll into any of the courses and have immediate access to the course material.

Optional cohorts are designed for community interaction and moving into a consulting/professional track. Cohorts for each course occur quarterly, the next round begins in Jan 2021. The benefit of joining the live cohorts with classes is the opportunity to participate with a group, mentorship, the community check-ins and centering discussions about the current transits.

Private Mentorship

Private mentorship is offered for students of any level. Ideal for the student that is moving toward professional level. Send an email to for any inquiries.

Certification Available  

 Completion of Full Natal Astrology Course is eligible for certification. Oak Astrology School certification is equivalent preparation for NCGR-Professional Astrologers Alliance Level 1.


Over 10 hours of recorded content, accessible anytime from your home 
Learn the fundamentals of astrology and how to read a birth chart
Access to private community of students 

Full Natal Astrology Course

Total of 82 hours of recorded materials for a solid treatment of natal astrology – This course is designed for professional astrological development.
Over 30 hours of recorded content, accessible anytime from your home (Includes Beginners Astrology Course 10 hrs and Birth Chart Analysis 22+ hrs) 
36 recorded lectures that go over the course material in entirety (approx 50+ hours)
Professional development mentoring includes live bi-weekly cohort meetings to refine learning. Discussions are student led to give the opportunity to deepen practice.

Next cohort begins April 14 2021 – Fill out application
Certification program available
Dozens of birth chart examples broken down
4 full example birth chart consultations
Learn high quality birth chart analysis for yourself and others
Learn to read any birth chart in entirety for powerful, healing, soul-centered readings
Teaching is focused toward your astrological success, setting you up for advancement and counseling
Access to private a community of students
$879 (valued at $2500) 

Professional Development Cohort $462.99

Application for professional development cohort 4/14/21)

Transits / Predictive Astrology Course

Over 20 hours of recorded content, accessible anytime from your home (Includes Transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arcs, Solar Returns, Profections & Integration)
Option of weekly mentoring in live virtual classroom going over course material & practicing techniques. (approx 12 classes / 24 hours)-

New cohort begins on Apr 15 2021 – Fill out application
Cohort kept small – We will be going deeply into each other’s charts
Refine and enhance counseling with effective use of transits – This course is designed for professional astrological development
Learn several techniques for accurate predictions and time keeping
Intermediate course – Must know how to read and understand the fundamentals of a birth chart
Access to private a community of students

$574 (valued at $1100)

Mentoring Cohort – $269.99 

Application for mentoring cohort (4/15/21)