About Oak Astrology School

Oak Astrology Online School launched in 2019. The guiding principle behind our school is to offer proper astrological education at an accessible price. Learning astrology that is rich, accurate & effective takes the proper foundations and consistent mentorship. This course is designed as a nutritive care package containing everything a student will need to learn natal chart analysis, from astronomy, history, ethics, mechanics of the birth chart, critical thinking and consulting skills.

A motivating factor for maintaining accessibility for this school is the desire to cultivate community of learning and healing for LGBTQ, black, indigenous, people of color and fellow filipinx healers. Oak’s studies in astrology and the healing arts have not been easy to afford, yet worth every cent. Their goal is to offer quality education at this time as a turning point in the worlds history. Healing knowledge is necessary and should be available to all.

Hello, I’m Christopher Oak, your astrology teacher and guide.

I am certified by the NCGR- Professional Astrologers Alliance and have had my astrology consultation practice since 2015. I have been engaged in the healing arts for over 10 years. My practice is influenced by classical astrology, modern psychological astrology and my studies in the healing arts. My current mentors are master astrologer, Lee Horowitz and Filipinx energy healer, Daphnee Valdez.

I am a first generation Filipinx American from San Francisco, lived in NYC for most of my adult life and now reside in Los Angeles. You may call me Christopher or Oak, I prefer they/them pronouns though do not mind being addressed as he.

Astrology has been a clarifying force in my path/life and continues to be. I am overjoyed to be able to share this knowledge with my students, especially POC, LGBTQ, Filipinx healers. Check out reviews of my work.

The cultivation of learning, growth and community is immensely important to me and relevant at this time.

Astrology is a healing balm, it works through the individual first as self awareness. Being intimate to one’s personal truth allows ones life and actions to flow in the direction of their soul. Studying astrology allows the student to apply this lens of truth to self, then to others  in their life. Finding alignment in self creates better relationships, more harmony, better health, higher vibration and less reactivity. Achieving Understanding & Compassion creates less suffering. This is part of the yogic path, the path of knowledge that leads to healing.