Your Mars Horoscope for the Next Two Years

On October 7, Mars renews its two year contract with the Sun.

This is the meeting point between divine purpose and the individual will.

Its effect on your birth chart shows where you are developing your strength and potency for the next two years.

Remember that cultivating strength has much to do with tension. In bodybuilding, a muscle will not form without pushing it too its limit on a consistent basis.

This Sun/Mars synodic cycle begins on Oct 7 2021 and completes on Nov 17 2023

This Sun Mars synodic cycle occurs in the sign of Libra, the detriment of Mars and the fall of the Sun. This occurs inconjunct Uranus, loosely trine to Saturn and opposed Chiron. Venus is conjunct the South Node.

Personal desires are challenged and new ways of being in relation to others is very much suggested. Another microcosm to the already obvious social developments of hectic 2020/2021.

While paradoxical, strength and personal sovereignty are found through the other based on this cycle.

Mars cycles place focus on where you are often physicalizing your energy and establishing purpose. Where energy and passion is expressed, conflict and turmoil are naturally part of the equation.

In this cycle, the question of your potency in getting yours and playing fair will be challenged. Throughout this two year period, remember that where there is tension, musculature is also being developed.

The last Mars cycle began on Sept 2, 2019 @ 10am Virgo.

The Sun Mars conjunction in Libra seems timely – social divide has been an overarching theme. This is also indicated by Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023. Based on the tense astrology of 2021 (and especially 2022), this new Mars cycle simply reiterates the that ‘playing nice’ is something that will be questioned and updated.



This cycle helps to change your definition of relationships over the next two years. It may require a full analysis of your cultural beliefs. Unexpected relationships can slide through that shift your views.


As efficiency becomes a topic for you to align with these next two years, asking yourself ‘What do I no longer have time for?’ is going to be such an important inquiry. As you rapidly grow this next year, of course the balancing of your time changes with it. Learning harmonious ways of delegation and asking for support will be the flex for you.


These next two years will challenge you to see the mechanisms that motivate your love matters. Your wit always allows you to see various loopholes and wormholes, but how about the ones you perpetuate in romance? A new seed in giving and receiving is being planted as we speak 🌱


Are you itching to move? While this month may have you thinking about new digs, understand that a two year cycle is forming where your definition of home will continually grow and redefine. Overtime this will be super clarifying, but first, we flex our stellar ability to think deeply about where we truly belong.


No worries, you’re right on time. With such an active year, what seems to be catching up to you at this point is your voice.

This new cycle that starts up this month is a rebirth of your self-expression. To be on the same level as the career growth you’re aspiring, you need to get savvy and be able to define and communicate yourself clearly. Start to train those vocal chords 🙂


These next two years have you focusing on your coin. Release old attitudes around worth from your upbringing as there will be moments of drastic shifts throughout this period.

You’ve worked hard at creating a new definition for yourself since the second half of 2019, now it’s time for your wallet to catch up 🦾


Sweet, sweet Libra is getting a makeover, in attitude. Your goal to is be moved by your wants and your inner fire, this will require new ways of choosing yourself. The muscle that you’re developing these next two years is the grip on your steering wheel. SKRRR on the passivity, and accelerate toward unbothered confidence.


Time to flex your psychospiritual muscles, Scorpio. This month may bring up worries and frustrations. Whether your own worries, or the doings of another, explore these themes and their dual origins as you’ll be connecting more deeply to your subconscious these next two years.

How powerful will you be as you chip away at your triggers?


Futurescaping just feels like the right vibe for you. Who do you envision traveling beside you in the near future? This will constantly be clarified within these next two years. As you envision the ideal foundation for your workings, of course your trajectory will move with the vision. Start to play around with different action plans.


This new two year cycle that starts this month seeks to harmonize your work with your passions. It’s time to let go of fearful thinking when it comes to your preferences. Over the next two years you may have the yearning to just say fuck it and do what feels good over what feels appropriate. Learn to flex your briefcase and joystick together 👽


As you are the bearer of wisdom for this era, you’ve seen the trends of the past two years and are starting to gel together new ideas from criticism and concerns for the future. These next two years are challenging you to strengthen new ways of imagining the world and how we can work together. Trust that your instincts come from a deep place.


Sometimes we need to completely reassess all our entanglements in order to truly be in right relationship to the virtues of support and reciprocity. This next two year cycle encourages you to BOSS UP -create clear exchanges of energy and make sure you are being empowered in all your interactions. You may need new tools to learn how to properly communicate your aspirations.

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