Cultivating Resilience to Planetary Energies

Very excited to share this new class!!

Cultivating Resilience to Planetary Energies (5 part – weekly series)

Begins September 26 @ 10am pst/1pm est – Everywhere / Zoom 

What is the point of learning the philosophical and conceptual parts of astrology without applying it into a practical lifestyle?

This 5 part class will include physical and spiritual practices, recipes and a solid framework in understanding your astroligcal body and how to maintain your strength and how to support your sovereignty over your entire being. Focusing on elemental theory, we witness how our own bodies are constantly in the process of experiencial alchemy. These practices bridge the idea that the holistic system of astrology addresses the mental, spiritual and physical.

To cultivate resilience to planetary energies allows the seeker more agency to participate in the divine orchestra of the universe rather than be subject to the often harsh ebbs and flows of the cosmic weather.

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