Which Course is Right for Me?

Learn about which course is for you at Oak Astrology School. 

There are different ways to take the courses as self study or with a community of students: 

Full Natal Astrology Course

Transits & Predictive Astrology Course

Community Chart Analysis Cohort

What students are saying:

Learning from Oak has been a personally healing experience for me – their method of practicing and teaching astrology has served as a way for me to expand my awareness and connect to points of personal growth, as well as a means to align with spiritual community. Oak is highly intuitive, sensitive, and their perception is unparalleled. They are a supportive, warm teacher and mentor and the learning environment they have created is a safe space to learn, make mistakes, and grow as a beginner astrologer. At the same time, they emphasize the importance of structure and teach astrology as an esoteric healing art. This course is both immersive and community centric, with a heavy emphasis on ethics and spiritual awareness. If you are an aspiring astrologer who is looking to align with a healing path, this is most definitely the course for you.

―Missy, New York

As a student of Oak Astrology School, it’s expanded my understanding of astrology in ways I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without it. I became a student to create a foundational relationship to astrology, but it in turn has strengthened my relationship to understanding my own life path and it has been extremely healing. 

I also really love my cohort, who have become really dear friends and I feel so safe and supported in our course environment. If you’re looking for serious studies in astrology I really recommend.

— Angelina, Torrannce, CA

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