What magic happens when you study astrology?

Check out this video where Oak shares their experiences from watching our students learn astro <3

Something happens when you study astrology that goes beyond learning the planets and signs. After studying for years, I find that my practice continues to grow deeper and deeper everyday. Since I’ve launched my astrology school for professional development in 2020, I have had to actively remind myself how powerful this path of study is. So much healing occurs when we deepen our understanding of self. By learning each of the virtues of the planets we are exploring life archetypes and by applying that wisdom to our natal chart we heal by understanding the depth of our own life experience. That level of understanding then gets applied to our family and friends and suddenly we are a being that has built the wisdom of compassion for the world within and outside of the self. Astrology is a liberatory practice because we are able to offer understanding to all of the cycles within the entire spectrum of life. This knowledge allows for the healing of the mind, and the alignment to the body and spirit.

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