Student Results

Since the official launch of Oak Astrology School in early 2020, witnessing the progress of students that have completed the Natal Astrology Course has been so fulfilling. The students that continued on with the Intermediate Transits and Predictive Astrology Course are doing skillful analysis and chart synthesis. This is extremely gratifying!

All course materials are thoughtfully curated based on the education that I wish that had when I was studying and so the learning curve for students at Oak Astrology School is exponentially faster than my first few years of getting into astrology.

“It’s been great to trust Oak and be in safe and sacred space with other BIPOC folks during class.
Their content is digestible, easy to follow along, and visually appealing. Oak and my classmates are very much supportive and I feel very lucky to have this community in this virtual space.
Our live classes are dynamic and a range of topics are discussed given all of our individual and collective healing (amidst social uprisings, pandemic). But the space is validating, affirming, and soo refreshing. It’s great to hear forecasts for the week, too.“

“As a student of Oak Astrology School, it’s expanded my understanding of astrology in ways I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without it. I became a student to create a foundational relationship to astrology, but it in turn has strengthened my relationship to understanding my own life path and it has been extremely healing.
I also really love my cohort, who have become really dear friends and I feel so safe and supported in our course environment. If you’re looking for serious studies in astrology I really recommend.“

“So much love respect and gratitude for my teacher Oak. I’ve grown so much more than I could ever imagine thanks to Oak Astrology School. ”

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