Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

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It may sound really cool that the Sun makes its yearly alignment with Neptune which happens on March 10, 2021. I usually look forward to it when it happens every year, but always end up trying to nurse myself out of confusion, anxiety, illogical worry and a melancholic yearning for something more than my reality is presenting. When the archetype of day and the archetype of spirit align, our highest hope is a transcendent experience or realization. I hope you can channel this energy into something that feeds your spirit. Dance, play, sing, pray with no agenda.

“Living at the edge of the sea breeds an intuitive sense that somewhere deep within us are the remnants of fish consciousness, a piscine, subaqueous feeling for the abyss. Well aware of being separate from continents, we glorify this condition, looking upon the vast intervals of water as moats protecting delicate kingdoms. Reminded incessantly by the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean and by a sky of ferocious typhoons and unforgiving light, that there are more worlds than one, that land slopes under into a realm of reef, algae and leviathan as well as above. We acknowledge a tightly circumscribed existence on a terra that is not so firma, an acknowledgment that celebrates mortality. In death every human becomes an island floating in a primordial lake.” -Luis Francia

A tender new moon in Pisces ♓️ occurs in the late hours of friday night March 12, 2021 / early hours saturday morning March 13, 2021.

This new moon is quite gentle as it intimately sharing the same part of the sky with Neptune and Venus. A perfect moon for a spiritual bath, an evening of writing and inward contemplation. Although I will say that this Pisces season is the midpoint from the eclipses from Nov/Dec of 2020. There are themes that developed at that time that are needing a space for integration/action – Though this week is for the dreaming. Let your new moon intentions really reflect major visions that you have been aspiring from late Nov/Dec. Now is not the time for a heroic dive into the fire, save that for the Suns ingress into Aries the following week on Mar 20.


Aries – If you are to tune into the very core of your being, to go beyond your personal needs and to melt into the universal heart, what compels you? May this new moon remind you of what you are really here to share, your pain simply a reminder of your mastery.  

Taurus– You’ve been so busy and grinding on all your new projects, now it’s time to call in the people who really align with your new endeavors. Call in – Be clear, be brave, be open to new ways of relating to your audience. Let the quality of the people you surround yourself with reflect your full value.   

Gemini– What a beautiful time for you to show up in your fullness. There has been a lot behind the scenes in terms of developing, developing, and more developing. There’s a lot of momentum that you have built around your craft, now it’s time to step out and share yourself publicly. Set a prayer for your highest expression of self.

Cancer– Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been quite sensitive sifting through different connections and weighing out your worth. Let this new moon inspire you to develop a new way of expressing yourself that integrates all of these experiences. You may feel the need to take a course of study in order to fulfill the urge to grow. Your dreams this month are poppin, try to distill meaning from them. 

Leo– Time for a vibe check. It’s been a social year for you and it may be time to look at your relational resources. How much do you have in your cup, do you have enough for yourself? With such a a visionary energy around you and even the support to back it up, you are the mastermind. May this moon allow you to harness your resources and expertise to fulfill that dream. Call in the wisdom of discernment, clarity & right relationship with collaboration. 

Virgo– What is your highest vision of love? Relationship energy is all around you right now. Let this new moon allow you to soften into a deeper understanding of connection. Take a break from your own personal grind to spend time with loved ones. As you are building your legacy, who comes with you?

Libra– You may be getting ready to reorganize your priorities. The past two months have been a lot of creative ruminating and now it time to get the wheels in motion. Let your high levels of inspiration guide you to create a schedule that allows lots of space for all your wonderful new ideas. 

Scorpio– Finally, a moment of creation that has stirred from a long period of internal rumination. Allow this new moon to be life affirming, to be passionate, to be exciting. A creative seed you are carrying in your hand ready to plant, standing between eclipses. May this be the key to your empowerment.  

Sagittarius– As you are constantly being pulled to look at your relations, there’s nothing like a good jolt that forces you to question all that you are – Your history, your family ties and your fundamental beliefs. May this new moon be a refreshing cup of your true essence, the sweet waters of your personal mythos a soothing hand on your shoulder. 

Capricorn– It can feel like a blur right now balancing the collective energies and your own personal endeavors. As practical as you are, you can’t deny that you are halfsies in this world and also part of something so much bigger. It may be a good idea think of daily ways of allowing space to hold the mundane and the part of you that yearns for spiritual union. May this new moon offer you graceful navigation of your liminality.   

Aquarius– Hope that you are relishing in your expertise and your uncanny ability to navigate the uncertainties of this year. May this new moon allow you to truly quantify what abundance means for you. As you are tweaking your aquarian brand and realizing yourself more and more as a leader at this time, what internal agreement do you need to make with yourself in order to be fully acknowledged and seen.  

Pisces– Take a break from your bat cave to bask in this new moon. Adorn yourself, upgrade your image, feel pretty. It’s been a lot for you being such a clear channel for the collective this year. May this new moon recharge you, may it create new narratives in how you wish to stride forward holding all of your complexity- in grace, in strength, in the full ownership of your mystery. 

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