Certification For Oak Astrology School

What is certification even worth?

There are a lot of qualities regarding the idea of certification that can seem corny and gimmicky. Although, with so much questionable astrology out there, these types of achievements can help establish credibility. We can’t deny that astrology is exponentially growing in popularity. Oak Astrology School is interested in upholding the tradition of astrology and our certification program reflects that.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Oak Astrology School standard of education is equivalent to the NCGR – Professional Astrologer Alliance Level 1 when you enroll in the Calculating a Chart Course.
  • Certification through Oak Astrology School is guaranteed preparation for certification through the NCGR – PAA.
  • Our certification ensures that you are able to grow and develop after you complete the Full Astrology Course
  • Give your practice an edge and a sense of mastery

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