Revolutionary 2021

If you think that 2020 is a mindfuck that will fade away by 2021, I hate to burst your bubble, but we are just getting started.

As this global pandemic has urged all of humanity to take several seats back, it is interesting how so many of us are just waiting for things to go back to normal.

This is where astrology is very helpful, both in timing and understanding the visceral experience of these planetary archetypes. Starting off 2020 with the much anticipated/worrisome Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn plus south node eclipses is a very strong indicator of permanent change. As a conjunction is symbolic of a new cycle there are many new cycles in 2020 that have brought dramatic results and we are yet to experience one more in December.

Saturn / Pluto in Capricorn – January 2020 – this 40 year cycle of Pluto and Saturn has brought stark clarity to the darkness in our politics. We are witnessing political conservatism internationally – ICE, China, Armenia/Turkey, Philippines, Black Lives Matter, just to name a few of the most obvious – and generally we are seeing the shadow of law enforcement and government structure.

Jupiter / Pluto in Capricorn – April, August, November 2020 – The super wealthy increase their fortunes by more than a quarter during the pandemic while unemployment rates soar.

These two cycles that have been present all year seem to support each other, in the sense that Jupiter’s presence adds the element of more more more. It’s safe to say that we are exhausted by the extreme polarity of structural power and the unfair distribution of wealth and justice.

A turning point?

Jupiter / Saturn in Aquarius – December 20, 2020 – The Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs every 20 years. It is an indicator of new forms of economy and politics. Jupiter and Saturn are planets that directly relate to the economy and government. This year the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs during an election year.

The most interesting details about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is that most US presidents have either been assassinated or survived an assassination attempt if this conjunction occurs during their time in office. In the past 200 years, only presidents 3 have not had this fate – Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and George W Bush. Historic assassinations that occurred under this cycle would be Abraham Lincoln, JFK, the Reagan assassination attempt and Warren Harding.

But why?

Jupiter representing the universal force of expansion is also the virtues that we uphold in society. Kings, leaders and those with political influence are often represented by Jupiter. Saturn as limit, boundary and in some cases death, we see the literal ‘death of the king’. On a more practical level, Jupiter’s natural association with philosophy, growth and idealism is given a tangible structure when it comes together with Saturn. This is where we will see innovations in government and restructuring for the people, as Jupiter and Saturn come together in the sign of Aquarius. Hopefully this shift into Aquarius will be the necessary boost that the collective needs as it is very easy to feel hopeless in the midst of the all the shenanigans in politics, police enforcement and social dynamics.

Something to keep in mind is that each of these conjunctions, between Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn are all new beginnings. We will see how the events of this monumental year 2020 will begin to unfold and bear their fruit as the years go by.

The most prominent signature of 2021 is the squares between Saturn and Uranus (2/18/21, 6/14/21, 12/24/21). They remain in close proximity through 2021 and come very close to square once again in October of 2022. The effect of this square will be the background of the next two+ years.

Saturn and Uranus are next door neighbors in the sky, and they represent opposite polarities. Saturn is anything that involves limitation – enforcement, tradition, law, consequence and time. Uranus is symbolic of genius, innovation, breaking tradition and social progress. As Saturn and Uranus square off, it is obvious that the social unrest that has already been developing in 2020 will hit a peak. Historically, squares between Uranus and Saturn involve drastic economic downturns and recessions. Based on the unemployment rates and financial crisis that most Americans are already facing, the ‘prediction’ that a possible economic crash will happen next year is not too far-fetched although the symbolism does confirm it.

Saturn as the old turds currently in office that are greedy, racist and disinterested in the common good will be met with opposition from the people. It may be hard to say whether this uprising will be from mandated vaccinations or just being pissed off from the immoralities of the justice system – We do have plenty to be upset with.

No need to be discouraged, we got this. As December 2020 rolls in and Jupiter and Saturn change signs to Aquarius, it changes the landscape both in energy and social dynamics. It will be lighter, more social, progressive. Not to mention it will bring in more hope and possibility, as air is a much more buoyant energy than the heavy emphasis of Earth planets from this past year.

Connection & community are of the most important assets that one can have – As a general life rule and, in particular, this period of time. As we move through this last part of 2020 and reminiscing of times pre-social-distancing, beginning to process what type of impact you want to create in your community and society will prepare you for the very interesting & shaky energy of 2021.

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