Next Cohort Begins This Week

I’m elated! So many students have taken advantage of the payment plan. It’s such a dream to create this community space. Looking forward to connecting with this next group. Enrollment closes on Sept 7

“It’s been great to trust Oak and be in safe and sacred space with other BIPOC folks during class. I recommend anyone of any level in their astrology or soul healing journey to work with them if you’re finding yourself reading this. 
Their content is digestible, easy to follow along, and visually appealing. I really appreciate having the recordings to refer back to. It is not the easiest to connect virtually, but Oak has made an inviting and safe container for us. Oak and my classmates are very much supportive and I feel very lucky to have this community in this virtual space.
My cohort is soo adorbs and we are all in different levels of our astrology learning.  I never feel like I do not belong because I’m not as *advanced* as others. Oak is able to offer an array of information for the intermediate/advanced learners too.
Our live classes are dynamic and a range of topics are discussed given all of our individual and collective healing (amidst social uprisings, pandemic). But the space is validating, affirming, and soo refreshing. It’s great to hear forecasts for the week, too. I hope others can experience the space Oak has cultivated and meet others in their cohort on similar physical/mental/emotional/spiritual journeys.”
christopher oak

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