Understanding the Moon

I’ve been feeling so happy with the recent launch of my website for Oak Astrology School. It’s been 3 months since the April cohort started meeting weekly and we are just now getting to talking about the moon. 

The moon is the doorway into our personal history, as it is also the quality that connects us to nature and thus the collective. When we work with the moon, when we honor the moon, we automatically defy the patriarchy, we deny what capitalism stands for. 

Here’s a little video snippet of our live weekly class from yesterday:

The next Cohort is Sept 1 2020 and you can sign up now to gain access to the course success materials and start studying the 30 hours of recorded lectures. The weekly classes go for 8 months through the completion of the course materials and are a deep dive into learning effective and healing natal astrology. That is over 50 hours of live classes with personalized mentoring.

Weekly astrology class has been a safe-haven for me and my students as we have built communities around this wisdom tradition and emotional support. Astrology is the study of energy and the human experience, it is a very grounding practice at a time of civil unrest. 

Oak Astrology School’s price structure is curated primarily for POC and marginalized people. I welcome folks who are called to this practice and are in a difficult financial situation and offer payment plans.

For any questions please email me oakastrology@gmail.com

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