July Eclipses 2020

The eclipses within this month are the final eclipses in Cancer Capricorn for another 9 years. Manifesting is something commonly done during new and full moons, but looking back is necessary as we stand in the threshold of change. A cancer solar eclipse is an immense new beginning in recognizing where we belong and what we feel closeness to. This new and updated personal narrative that we are creating will always reflect where we come from and our ancestry (capricorn). We can think of this within our personal sphere and we can definitely see this in the world at large. Here in the United States there is an upheaval of the oppressive structures and violent history that our country is built upon. Many other countries are also experiencing dramatic political conservatism- which is indicated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of this year, though the eclipses have contributed the overwhelming intensity of 2020. Wishing you powerful reflections and the ability to create long lasting changes that honor your healing and your compassionate heart.


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