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Learn astrology that is meaningful, deep and soul-centered. Decipher the language of the cosmos for growth, healing and alignment. Read birth charts with ease and accuracy.

Bridging the Gap

The defining quality of Oak Astrology School is our dedication to offering quality astrology education at an accessible rate. This course is designed with POC LGBTQ Healers in mind, making healing possible for our communities. We wish to share this powerful tool that carries the potential to change the minds and hearts of those who seek liberation.


Natal Astrology Course

Transits Predictive Astrology Course

Private Mentorship

“I am the knot where two worlds meet. I am water and dust walking. “
Normandi Ellis, The Book of Coming Forth By Day

The Focus of Our Courses:

Setting up for success


Philosophy, History, Symbolism, Astronomy, Birth Chart Mechanics

Setting up for success
Well rounded approach


Learn to approach any birth chart with ease and confidence

Well rounded approach
Deepen your insight

Effective Chart Analysis

Gain the skills to learn professional analysis

Deepen your insight
Potent, helpful and healing readings

Counseling & Ethics

Learn astrology that is focused toward healing and consultation

Potent, helpful and healing readings

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